Pothole Patch Emulsion is a CE marked Bitumen Emulsion produced by COLAS Bitumen Emulsions in accordance with EN 13088:2013 Bitumen and Bituminous Binders.

Product Description

Pothole Patch Emulsion is used to manufacture a specially designed, cold laid, delayed set macadam suitable for road maintenance work. Pothole Patch Emulsion contains a specialised polymer compound which acts as a bridging agent to interlock aggregate layers together, giving strength and rutting resistance, the workability of the finished product is enhanced by the use of special cutting agents in the bituminous binder

  • Pothole Patch macadam is prepared by mixing selected graded aggregate with Pothole Patch binder at ambient air temperatures.
  • Pothole Patch macadam can be stockpiled for weeks after mixing and still remain plastic inside the outer skin which forms on the stockpile.
  • Pothole Patch macadam can be used for:
    • Filling Potholes,
    • Reinstating Trenches,
    • Refilling Core holes,
    • Levelling Rutting depressions.
  • Pothole Patch macadam is workable and easy to spread and will not stick to spreading tools
  • Pothole Patch macadam can be supplied in bulk or in buckets for small repairs.
  • Before filling remove any debris or water from the pothole.
  • Slightly overfill the pothole to allow for compaction.
  • Compact the material using a light roller, a vibrating plate or a hand tamper.